Songs about Max

by Douglas Leeman

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RPM 2013 Submission. Mostly recorded in an afternoon in my room with my dog. Many of these songs were loose ideas which I expanded upon when performing.


released March 1, 2013

Thanks to Max for always being there for me



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Track Name: The Story of Max
max is a dog who comes from placentia
you didn't know that i bet ya
well there's a few more things that you don't know
i'll help you out, i'll explain real slow

see he used to be involved in dog crime
stealing, robbing, barking, all the time
because his owner didn't love him
he just gave him a place to live

late at night he had to scrounge for food
his means of getting it was normally quite rude
he would murder things like other dogs and cats
all because of his dog food lack

see he is nice but he had to act real mean
always be angry whenever he was seen
you gotta keep your image up
let everyone know that you are rough

nobody would mess with max
no human, dog, or cat
then he noticed he had no friends
the next day he was gonna make ammends

but then his owner moved away
drove to st. john's to give max to the spca
he didn't quite make it that far
he gave him to the pound from the back of his car

the next day the humaine society
loaded him in their van and flew down the street
dropped him off at the spca
where randy was working that very day

randy is a man who loves a nice hound
picks their life back up when they are down
he saw max and he called me
said there's a dog you've got to see

i headded up to check him out
see what all the fuss was about
when i got there i went out back
saw a dog, big, furry, and black

he came over and said hi to me
i could tell he was nice as could be
we went out in the parking lot
i took him out around the block

said to randy he is the one
when we walk we have lots of fun
so the next day went back to pick him up
to spend my life with a big furry mutt

now max has a home full of love
lots of people to give him hugs
he has a warm dry place to sleep
and there's always something for him to eat
Track Name: Give Max ur luv
Give Max your love
Give Max your kisses
be by his side
and you'll get 3 wishes
wish to love him
and wish to treat him right
wish to by by his side
each day and each night
because max is a guy who's sweet as honey
when he rolls around and such he looks right funny
he is a sweetie
and a very pretty boy
he wins all the dog contests
with his passion for bringing joy
so give max a hug
and give him the pats
he will do his bites for you
you can count on that

give max your love
give max your kisses
Track Name: Buddy got the stick
buddy got the stick
cuz he couldn't find the ball
buddy took the stick
and ran into the wall
buddy brought the stick
down to the tree
buddy dropped the stick
and then he took a pee

buddy grabbed the stick
and went to the fence
smacked it with the stick
to give her a few dents
looked through the hole
and he saw a dog
bark bark bark
and then he set him off

*woof; bark; etc*

2 more verses

buddy had the stick
and went to the road
buddy left the stick
so i've been told
buddy had no stick
and it was after dark
buddy didn't have the stick
when he went to the park

buddy without the stick
went straight up da hill
looked for some dogs
to get his fill
didn't find no dogs
and then he got sad
saw a kitty cat
and he got real mad

*bark; woof; screech;*
Track Name: Dead Bird
in the yard
what a sight
a dead bird
devoid of flight

who do i thank
for this tasty treat
covered in feathers
full of guts and meat

succulent juices
drip from within
toss it in the air
as i celebrate and spin

so excited
for this feast
a delightful meal
for a furry beast

where to start
i remove some feathers
haul its flesh apart

once again
i'm very pleased
for my avain friend
recently deceased

bark and jump
my excitement grows
i smell it deeply
with my nose

my mouth is watering
i lick my chops
when on the window
come some knocks

my owner's there
looking down at me
he must be elated
about this meal i see

then he walks
to the door
oh my!
he wants to see more!

i am eager
to share
as he comes
down the stairs

he gets closer
i can't contain
all the pleasure
in my brain

i wag my tail
as he bends down
to observe
what's on the ground

picks it up
and inspects
the juicy guts
hanging from its chest

turns and walks
the other way
what are his plans
for my meal gourmet?

carries it
to the fence
tosses it over
ruining the suspence

then without
a second thought
returns to the house
and i am shocked

did i act
too morbid?
what was wrong
with what i did?

fall to the ground
i lay and sulk
this world's no place
for a brutal hulk

when something else
comes through the fog
i remember
i'm a dog!
Track Name: Number 1 Doggy
Maxwell (Maxwell)
I love you

I know a dog, a big black dog
called maxwell
i know a dog, a lovely sweet dog
called maxwell
i know a dog, a very furry dog
called maxwell
and he is a very special dog to me

i know a dog, a very nice dog
called maxwell
i know a dog, a fun friendly dog
called maxwell
i know a dog, a gentle kind dog
called maxwell
and he is my number one doggy
Track Name: Sleeping Dogs
maxwell lies asleep on my bed
i wonder what kind of dreams are running through his doggy head
i see his legs kick as he runs around
all the doggy fields that he often dreams about
and i wonder what other things he sees
and i wonder what else he believes
be friendly be kind
oh maxwell be mine

dreams of playing stick and bottomless bowls of food
dreams of people with a dog-friendly attitude
dreams of getting hugs and dreams of giving kisses
dreams of all his greatest doggy wishes
and he sleeps all day
he sleeps he sleeps the night away
the star of his own doggy play
oh maxwell of what do you dream today