Used to Moose

by This is Terrible

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RPM 2015 Submission:

"Used to Moose" is dedicated to Kitty, a wonderful cat that we lost this February.

Recorded February 2015 in Club Z and the Randy2Dope mansion. Some sounds in tracks 7 and 11 were taken from

Thanks to Elling for keeping it real. Thanks to everyone else for loving RPM.


released March 1, 2015

This is Terrible were these people:

Gary Grossman (@)
Tom Paris (#)
Darryl Dymond (%)
Law, the (&)
Gary Goodlooking (*)
Randy (~)
Kob Slacks (^)
The Whistler ($)
Gaby Gales (!)
Michael (+)
Myrtle Darlin (?)

Track Credits:

1 @&
2 @&
3 @&*^
4 @&~%
5 &#!?$^
6 &+#
7 &~#?@
8 &+#
9 @&?#
10 @&?#
11 @&?
12 @&
13 &



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Track Name: Task of Hand
alright alright we're goin surfin
grab your mouse and your keyboard
boot up netscape navigator
it is time to look at porn
be sure to clear your history
before you get up to take a pee
bring up ICQ in another window
so fadder can't focus confused by the lingo

that's the shit i like
ladies on bikes
rockets made of rice
their clothing's too tight

my favourite website to look at
is where buddy falls asleep and his boner's wearing a hat
it's better than the magazines
gets my pubes in the seams
but let me tall you what's the best
jerkin yer bean while ya smokes cigarettes
take off your shirt and grab your breast
touch yourself in the love make a mess

when i rubs and tugs it soothes and soothes
but i really hate it when i lubes my pubes
my mind be focused on the task in hand
i save no care for it be lady nor man
Track Name: Hot
look out for construction
look out for the signage it'll slow you down
you might get caught up in a traffic jam
that flagperson is your fellow man

opt out of instructions
opt out but only if they're optional
if they are manditory this could be disastarous
there's a difference between may and must
have to
must do

steer clear from eruptions
steer clear from volcanoes if they happen to be active
there is a possibility for lava encapsulation
most of hawaii is though not to mention iceland
Track Name: Devil's Own Gun
oh for a bad boy like me it ain't hard to be nasty when the law don't see
police can't give a damn when i ride around on my motored lamb
60 shots of shine and i still shoot straight
when ya try to run my trigger don't wait
one night they caught me sleepin in the bed i lay
but i saw em comin from a mile away

cuz i'm a hitman on the run
they call me the devil's own gun

the day i was born my soul said to me
live without a care stay wild and free
my daddy was gone before my feet hit the groud
i had to make it on my own hop on the bike and leave town
give the finger to the world and never look back
but one long day my life had to crack

there i was lookin up the barrel of a gun
i didn't care i but said this to someone

before you lay me down 6 feet deep
i tell you my soul the lord won't keep
and satan won't like it when i spit in his face
it's the outlaw way i'm a walking disgrace
i'm a hitman on the run
they call me the devil's own gun
Track Name: Copenhagen
Track Name: John Johnsong
soft and lovely your hair is nice
i adore your body formed of rice
your precious lips are a delight
will you walk with me tonight

john john i love you john
your brain and muscles wit and brawn
whisper gently soft and strong
your glasses make me so turned on

who is bib and what is john?
where is liar and when is john?
make me love you strong strong
kissing and stroking john

your beard is spicy as the noodles you eat
i adore how shoes grace yore feet
the size of your booty is a treat
john may i taste your meat
Track Name: The First Degree
i just called you again
i just needed a friend
not like the other time baby
now i'm down on my knees
won't you please say please
and be my baby again
yeah baby
baby won't you be my baby
you stabbed me in the back
and now my heart is cracked
into a million pieces

and my heart is bleedin
and now my heart is leavin
and baby you're succeedin
in killin me

it's the first degree

for all the times i said i'm sorry
baby you don't want me anymore